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Each of my pieces, whether it be on paper or the stage is a conceptual journey. I am fascinated with memories, or snapshots of life and the human emotional connection to them. More specifically, I am constantly trying to put into visual language the complex thoughts and emotions one feels but rarely verbalizes. Each of my works is a process of layering, experimentation and intuition, relying on the mediums of collage and watercolor to create a connection of the conceptual imagery chosen.

My recent body of work can most simply be described as a comment on the progress and definition of women. The quilt is used repetitively in my work because it has both symbolic and personal meaning. It is through vintage images and the traditional imagery of the quilt that I aim to both highlight and point out issues in society today.


In my newer works, I have taken an autobiographical approach, following my journey as not only an artist but a human being going through life changes. My intent is to create a specific body of work, journaling the events of my life over the past two years, with the intent of reaching others who can identify with the emotional journey.

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